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3 Useful Ways to Crop an Image in Adobe Illustrator

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With opacity masks, white means that the image will be opaque in that area. Black signifies that the part of the image will be completely transparent. Grays indicate a fade from opaque to transparent or a gradient. Select both the image and the shape.

A new panel will appear. There you will have to click Make Mask , but make sure the Clip checkbox is activated. To crop an image in Illustrator you can also go for the quick and dirty Illustrator Artboard alternative.

This will only work with rectangular crops, of course. Your graphic is still pretty much whole on the page, just outside the edges of the Artboard.

The method is very simple. Click on the Artboard icon and change its shape to the area you want to crop. Then export the file! The process is much simpler than it might sound initially. Create a shape that covers the entire size of your image by using the Rectangle Tool. This will guarantee that the aspect ratio is maintained.

Vectornator is – like Illustrator – a vector-based tool. Using the Clipping Mask function in Vectornator gives you unlimited options to crop your image. We will give you the freedom to crop your image into any shape or form you want with Vectornator! Concerning the aspect of navigation and UI, Vectornator and Illustrator look very different.

Even as a mid-level user, you still might find yourself googling for answers on how to use the software when your mind should be focused on designing instead. When a design tool needs so many steps, shortcuts, and hidden functions in order for it to be functional at a basic level, something needs to change. Vectornator possesses a very simple and intuitive interface.

No hidden menus, or unnecessary clutter. Even a beginner will be able to navigate the interface very easily. The app has a very flat learning curve. Our goal while designing the app was to make it easily accessible for beginners, but with an ability to perform on a professional level.

You can crop a raster-based image in Vectornator by using the Mask function. There are several benefits when using this technique:. In Vectornator, any shape that is a closed path can be turned into a clipping mask. The possibilities to create a shape for a clipping mask are unlimited in Vectornator. Let us explain to you in a few simple steps how you can crop a raster-based image in Vectornator by using the Masking Technique:.

Select the Shape Tool in the Toolbar. Set the number of polygon sides to five with the Tool Slider. Click on and drag the crop marks in the corner of the image.

The crop marks are in the corner and sides of the image. Dragging the crop marks inwards displays a rectangle with dotted lines inside the image. The light part of the image outside the rectangle is the area that will be removed with the image is cropped.

Center the rectangle around the area of the image you want to keep. Click on OK. It’s in the Control Panel at the top of the screen or in the Properties. This crops your image. Method 2. To do so click on the yellow and brown app that contains the letters ” Ai In Vector art, a clipping mask uses the object or shape on top to crop all the images and objects below the object. Create graphics or place an image. You can apply a clipping mask to a raster image, or vector graphics created in Illustrator.

Use the art tools to create graphics, or use the following steps to place an image: Click File in the menu bar at the top. Draw your clipping mask over your image. You can make the clipping mask any shape you want. You can use the rectangle or ellipse tool to create a rectangle or oval-shaped clipping mask, or you can use the Pen tool to create a custom shape for your clipping mask. Place the shape over the area of the image or graphics you want to keep.

To make things easier to see, turn the fill off on the clipping mask shape, and make the stroke a clearly visible color. You can apply a clipping mask to multiple objects, but the clipping mask shape must be on top. To bring the clipping mask shape to the top click it with the selection tool, then click Object in the menu bar. Then click Arrange , followed by Bring to Front. Click the Selection tool.

The selection tool is the icon that resembles a black arrow. It’s at the top of the toolbar on the left. Select everything you want to crop. To select everything, click and drag over all objects you want to crop.

This selects all objects, including the clipping mask shape. Click Object. It’s in the menu bar at the top of Illustrator. This displays a drop-down menu. Click Clipping Mask. It’s near the bottom of the drop-down menu below “Object”. This displays a sub-menu to the left. Click Make. This creates a clipping mask. A clipping mask uses the top object to crop all objects below it. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

By using this service, some information may be shared with YouTube. You Might Also Like How to. There are different ways to cut out part of an image, but depending on if your image is raster or vector, the methods can vary. If you want to cut a raster photo, stick with Method 1 and 2. Windows or other versions can look different.

Step 1: Open the image in Adobe Illustrator and click on the image. Step 2: Use the pen tool to draw the outline of the part of the image you want to keep. For example, we can cut out the cocktail glass from this photo, so we need to draw around this cocktail outline.

Step 3: Select both the pen tool path cocktail outline you just created and the photo. Now you can put this part of the image on other backgrounds or if you only wanted to cut out the shape to make a silhouette vector, you can skip Step 3 and change the Fill color. If you want to cut a vector image, you can use the same methods above or you have other options such as Knife and Eraser Tool.

For example, you can cut part of the cocktail silhouette. Step 2: Draw through the part you want to cut. For example, I drew across the glass holder part. Now the image is cut into two parts. Step 3: Press the V key to switch to the Selection Tool.

Click on either part of the vector image and now you can move or delete it. You could use it to cut an image to separate the parts or you can cut part of the silhouette to add details. How does that work?



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